Welded Bonnet Gate Valve, API 602, ASTM A105, 2 Inch, 1500 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.VF-240220-FSGV-01

Manufacturer of welded bonnet gate valves meeting API 602 standards. Constructed with ASTM A105 material, featuring a 2-inch size, Class 1500 LB rating, reduce port, socket weld end, OS & Y design. Also available in DN50, PN250 specifications, with handwheel operation.

Categories: Forged Steel Gate Valves

Tags: Welded Bonnet Forged Gate Valve , API 602 Gate Valve , ASTM A105 Forged Gate Valve , 2 Inch Gate Valve , Class 1500 LB Gate Valve , Socket Weld End Gate Valve , Reduced Bore Gate Valve

Detail Information

Standard: API 602
Material: ASTM A105
Size: 2 Inch, DN50
Pressure: Class 1500 LB, PN250
End Connection: Socket Weld
Operating: Hand Wheel
Port: Reduce Port
Test & Inspection: API 598
Suitable Medium: Water, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid
Working Temperature: -29ºC - +425ºC


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