Ultra-high-pressure Forged Steel Gate Valves

Ultra-high-pressure Forged Steel Gate Valves

May 24, 2022

The prospect of the forged steel gate valve
The U.S has always taken the lead in the development of gate valves and began to study high-pressure gate valves of 105MPa in the 1960s. The structure of the gate valve has undergone tremendous changes due to the increased pressure, from a rising stem to a non-rising stem. People focused on materials and processes of gate valves in the 1970s. People concentrated on gate valves with higher pressure and reasonable structure in the 1980s. Gate valves developed towards compact structure, small volume, automatic design and higher pressure in the 1990s. China has developed gate valves since the 1970s.
The forged steel gate valve is widely used in water, oil, natural gas, food and other industries due to the characteristics of small flow resistance, flexible opening and closing, long service life, compact structure, safety and reliability. The demand for forged steel gate valves increases day by day due to the rapid development of China's industry and export markets, so the valve manufacturer needs to improve their processing technology and strive to improve production capacity on the premise of ensuring the quality of valves.
The relevant technical personnel conduct research based on the market demand and develop inclined hole drilling machines for valve bodies, correction tools for gate valve seals, efficient processing equipment of valve body guide groove and special fixtures, which greatly improve production efficiency and performance of forged gate valves, quickly occupy the market and compete with similar forged gate valves at home and abroad according to the price and quality, and bring opportunities for the company's development.
The opening and closing part of the forged gate valve is the gate; the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, which can only be fully opened and closed, but cannot be adjusted or throttled. The movement of the valve stem is the up and down movement of the valve stem. The valve is a force sealed valve, so pressure must be applied to the gate when the valve is closed to force the sealing surface not to leak. When the medium enters the valve from below the gate, the resistance that the operating force needs to overcome is the thrust generated by the friction between the valve stem and the packing and the pressure of the medium. The force of closing the valve is greater than that of opening the valve, and the diameter should be large. Otherwise, the failure of valve stem top bending will occur. The forged gate valve has the advantages of small working stroke, short opening and closing time, good sealing performance, small friction between sealing surfaces, and long service life.
1. Research on elliptical gaskets
The valve body and valve bonnet are sealed with an elliptical gasket to form a line-surface seal with the U-shaped groove in the middle circle of the body and bonnet. In addition, six bolts are used to fasten the body bonnet. This connection method is more resistant to high pressure than ordinary valves and easy to maintain, has better and more stable performance.
2. Research on lubricating gaskets
Lubrication gaskets are provided between the valve bonnet and valve stem nut, and between the valve bonnet and the handwheel. The main function is to avoid direct contact between the valve bonnet or the handwheel, thereby greatly reducing the wear between the valve bonnet and the valve stem nut or the handwheel, thus effectively improving the service life of the valve.
3. Research on anti-error slots
Compared with ordinary valves, the ultra-high-pressure gate valve is more resistant to high pressure, and has a thicker wall, and higher center height. This causes a certain degree of difficulty in the processing of guide grooves, and it is easy to drift in the processing. An anti-error slot is designed for this situation. The groove is processed by a lathe so that the center height after processing is the same as the normal height, and the processing stroke of the guide groove can be reduced, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the guide groove.
Topper Valve Company manufactures forged steel valves with API, BS, JIS and ANSI standards. With the development concept of "science and technology as the driving force, quality for survival, and reputation for development", we continuously strengthen management and strive to expand the market. Since our establishment, we have always implemented advanced management systems at home and abroad to ensure stable quality.
In future development, all of our employees will always adhere to the enterprise spirit of quality first, regarding the quality of the forged valve as the life of the enterprise, and providing professional, stable, the most valuable forged valves and services for new and old customers.


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