High-pressure Cryogenic Large-diameter Three-piece Forged Ball Valves

High-pressure Cryogenic Large-diameter Three-piece Forged Ball Valves

Jun 07, 2022

Product: High-pressure cryogenic large-diameter three-piece forged ball valves
Nominal pressure: CL600
Nominal diameter: NPS 24X20
Working temperature: -196℃
Applicable media: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid methane, liquid ethylene and other low-temperature media
Drive modes: worm gear drive
Connection: flanges
Design standards: BS 6364-1999
Inspection and acceptance criteria: API 598-2009 Valve Testing and Inspection
The high-pressure cryogenic large-diameter three-piece forged ball valve has the advantages of reliable low-temperature sealing performance, small opening and closing torque, and long service life, which makes large-diameter ultra-low temperature ball valves more used for LNG and petrochemical industry in China. After tests and use in actual working conditions, it shows that the high-pressure cryogenic large-diameter three-piece forged ball valve has reliable sealing performance, flexible opening and closing, and can be widely used in various low-temperature equipment, such as equipment for liquefied natural gas, petrochemical and air separation plants and other industries.
There is great demand for ultra-low temperature trunnion ball valves both at home and abroad. In the next few years, the annual growth rate of China's natural gas demand will reach more than 10%, and the LNG liquefaction capacity will increase at an average annual rate of 10%. The LNG industry requires a large number of cryogenic valves. Its liquefaction, transportation, storage and distribution, re-vaporization, LNG receiving station, LNG tankers, LNG carriers, LNG storage and distribution station are all low-temperature media. Each liquefaction station needs about 10,000 cryogenic valves, of which cryogenic ball valves account for 70%. The LNG receiving station receives LNG from transport ships, and cryogenic valves are used from receiving to pipeline gasification and transportation, or transportation by trucks. Each receiving station needs nearly 20,000 cryogenic valves, and cryogenic ball valves account for more than 80%. Statistics show that the annual demand for cryogenic valves in China was about 38,000 sets in 2014, totaling more than 320 million US dollars. At the same time, the international LNG cryogenic valve market has greater potential, casting hundreds of millions of dollars every year. However, China has not yet taken part in it. In addition, with the large-scale ethylene projects, the demand for cryogenic valves is increasing, and the parameters are also getting higher and higher. At present, for a liquefaction station, receiving station, or a large-scale ethylene project, cryogenic valves are mainly imported. Among them, DN80 and below can be made in China, but those larger than DN80 are still imported. Therefore, the research and development of cryogenic valves larger than DN80 has become a top priority.
As an experienced valve manufacturer, Topper forged valve has been committed to the production and sales of exported forged valves for a long time. The quality of our forged valves is good and has been recognized by users in more than 30 countries. In order to expand foreign markets, Topper Valve will continue to research and develop, make a technological breakthrough, ensure mass production, and meet the needs of a large number of cryogenic valves. Most parts of ultra-low temperature valves have been manufactured in China, but key seals and valve seat inserts are still imported. The imported parts cost more and have a long cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation with relevant suppliers, increase the testing and trial of domestic polymer materials, and realize the purpose of the key components being made in China as soon as possible. In order to continuously ensure the quality of the forged valve, Topper Valve always ensures that the internal quality control system continues to operate healthily and effectively to ensure forged valves with good quality.
Topper Valve has nearly 400 sets of sophisticated machining equipment and metal heat treatment equipment such as CNC machine tools, CNC boring and milling machines, ordinary machine tools, large vertical lathes, spherical machine tools, UT, MT, PT non-destructive testing and other complete testing equipment, spectrometers, material impact testing machines, portable hardness (Blowe) testing machines, PMI spectrum analyzers, coating thickness gauges, ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, Lloyds certified fire test devices, ultra-low temperature and high-temperature test systems, torque test systems, low-temperature leakage test systems and other testing equipment, effectively controlling the quality of the  forged valve.


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