Sphere Forged Steel Check Valves

Sphere Forged Steel Check Valves

May 10, 2022

The opening and closing parts of the sphere forged steel check valve are composed of spheres, guide grooves and springs, which automatically open and close the valve discs, depending on the flow of the medium to prevent the backflow. The ball, guide groove and spring of the valve are all installed inside the valve body. The body bonnet is sealed by a spiral wound gasket, and there is no leakage as a whole, thus eliminating the possibility of leakage of valves and ensuring the safety of the work.
1. Research on the spherical seal
A spherical seal means that one of the contact surfaces of the seal is a spherical surface, that is, the upper part is a sphere and the lower part is a sealing surface of the valve seat integrated with the valve body to form a linear seal. Compared with the flat seal form, the sealing performance of the spherical seal is better.
2. Research on the guide groove
Since the ball and the spring are not easily connected, it is necessary to have a guide groove to guide the ball and the spring, and to ensure that the ball and the spring move up and down along the guide groove when the forged check valve is opened and closed. At the same time, there should be an outlet groove on the guide groove at the outlet end for the medium, so that the valve can be opened and closed normally without affecting the flow of the medium.
3. Research on the nameplate slot
Since the original nameplate is placed on the boss of the cover plate and fixed by rivets, it is easy to fall off. To solve this problem, the cover plate is designed with a groove in the middle to facilitate the placement of the nameplate. Before placing the nameplate, the groove is milled to facilitate the placement of the nameplate. After placing the nameplate, fix its four corners with an air gun so as to ensure the firmness of the nameplate.
Prospects of sphere forged steel check valves
The total annual demand of China's valve market is no less than 15 billion RMB. According to the scientific concept of development, to ensure the coordinated development of the economy and the need of improving people's lives in the future, China will inevitably focus on the construction of infrastructure, such as water, electricity, gas, heat, etc. In other words, this is precisely where the valve is needed, that is to say, as a new type of valve market rather than a replacement type in China, the potential of its demand will be amazing.
Forged steel valves in the valve market are mainly used in the pipelines of various systems in thermal power plants to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline. Applicable media are non-corrosive media such as water and steam. Compared with other valves, forged steel valves are characterized by high-temperature and high-pressure resistance and unique self-sealing design. The higher the pressure is, the more reliable the sealing becomes. The forged steel valve has also formed characteristics that cannot be replaced by other products due to the special performance and technical characteristics and special working conditions.
To a large extent, the practicability, safety and operability of the forged steel valve are guaranteed. The structure of forged steel valves is much finer than that of cast steel valves. In terms of mechanical properties, the structure obtained by casting has coarse grains, and the grains obtained by forging are refined, that is, forged steel has good mechanical properties. If the composition is the same, the forged steel has better corrosion resistance, high-pressure bearing capacity and superior performance.
According to the market demand and technical status, the technical research was conducted by relevant technical personnel, and a spherical forged steel check valve was successfully developed by optimizing the sealing performance. According to the price and quality, it can compete with similar products at home and abroad, quickly occupy the market, and bring opportunities for the development of the company.
Topper Forged Valve Co., Ltd is a valve factory integrating research, development, processing and sales of valves. We specialize in the production of API 602 and API 608 forged steel valves. With the business philosophy of the best quality, mature technology and advanced management experience, our company develops very fast, and our forged steel valves are favored by our customers from all over the world.
We can also manufacture forged steel valves according to ANSI, BS, JIS and other standards based on the customer’s requirement. The nominal pressure of the forged steel valve is 15LB to 4500LB.


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