Low-pressure Forged Steel Gate Valves

Low-pressure Forged Steel Gate Valves

Apr 21, 2022

Features of 150LB low-pressure integral flanged forged steel gate valves
1. The design of the packing
Graphite packing is one of the commonly used materials for valve stem packing. The packing will lose after being scoured by the pressure medium for a long time. If it is not refilled in time, the packing force will gradually decrease and fail, which will easily cause the leakage of the medium. The low-pressure forged steel gate valve adopts a disc spring-loaded joint bolt structure to make up for this deficiency and ensure the sealing effect of the packing.
2. The design of lubricating gaskets and grease nipples
Lubrication gaskets are provided between the bonnet and the stem nut, and between the bonnet and the handwheel. The main function is to avoid the direct contact between the valve bonnet and the valve stem nut, the bonnet and handwheel, thus greatly reducing the wear between the valve bonnet and the valve stem nut. In order to decrease the friction coefficient in the process of opening and closing between the lubricating gasket and the valve stem nut and handwheels, a grease nipple is designed between the stem nut and the valve bonnet, and the design of the grease nipple provides convenience when adding lubricating oil.
3. The design of the calibration of the gate valve's sealing 
The calibration of the gate valve can make the copper ring or steel ring adjusted in the designated position inside the gate valve, which can improve the performance of the internal sealing of the gate valve, and the service life of the gate valve under the same conditions.
4. The design of clamping devices for pneumatic bolt hole processing
A clamping device is designed for pneumatic bolt hole processing, which can quickly and accurately locate. A variety of template processing holes are designed to realize positioning for just one time and multi-hole processing. The drilling precision is high, which meets the requirements of mass production.
Innovation aspects
I. The disc spring-loaded joint bolt structure is used to supplement the packing force to prevent the packing from being lost due to the long-term scouring of the medium and too late to be replenished, resulting in leakages; the sealing effect of the valve stem is guaranteed.
2. A lubricating nozzle is designed between the valve stem nut and the valve bonnet, which is convenient for adding lubricating oil. A lubricating gasket is set between the valve bonnet and the valve stem nut, and between the valve bonnet and the handwheel to reduce wear between them and improve the reliability and service life of the valve.
3. A clamping device is designed for processing pneumatic bolt holes. By adjusting the positioning device, the workpiece can be quickly and accurately clamped and fixed. Different types of hole positioning plates with different preset hole positions are designed to achieve secondary positioning and multi-hole processing to meet different requirements for the drilling process, which has high machining accuracy, fast speeds and wide applicability.
Prospects of forged gate valves
In the development of gate valves, the United States has always taken the lead. In the 1960s, the United States began to study high-pressure gate valves with 105MPa. As the pressure increases, the structure of the gate valve has also undergone tremendous changes, from a rising stem to a non rising stem. In the 1970s, the research on gate valves focused on materials and processes. Now a series of materials and process forms of gate valve parts have been formed. In the 1980s, the gate valve developed in the direction of higher pressure and more reasonable structure. In the 1990s, the research of gate valves was towards automatic design, compact structure, small volume and higher pressure. China has developed gate valves since the 1970s.
The forged steel gate valve plays the role of connecting and cutting off the medium in the pipeline. It is widely used in water, oil, natural gas, food and other industries due to the characteristics of small flow resistance, flexible opening and closing, long life, compact structure, safety and reliability. The rapid development of China's industry and export markets makes the demand for forged steel gate valves increase day by day. This requires valve manufacturers to continuously improve the processing technology, and strive to improve production capacity on the premise of ensuring the quality of valves.
In response to market demand, new valve body's sealing structure and packing, calibration tools for gate valve sealing, new handwheels and valve body fixtures are developed, which greatly improve production efficiency and performance of products, quickly occupy the market and compete with similar products at home and abroad according to the price and quality.
We produce API 602 and API 608 forged steel valves, which can be produced according to ANSI, BS, JIS and other standards. The nominal pressure of forged steel valves can be Class 150 to 4500. The nominal diameter is 1/4 inches to 4 inches. The current production capacity is 500,000 sets.


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