High-pressure Resistant Forged Floating Ball Valves

High-pressure Resistant Forged Floating Ball Valves

Jul 27, 2022

At present, the valve is used to open and close gas pipelines or liquid pipelines. Because the gas or liquid entering the pipeline is mostly transported into the pipeline after being pressurized, the pressure in the middle cavity of the valve body is abnormally increased due to the increase in temperature for gas or liquid remaining in the valve body cavity when the valve is used. This may cause the valve body to be damaged due to excessive pressure, resulting in leakages. On the basis of fully analyzing the drawings, this project plans to combine the material selection of the product and research on valve sealing performance control to obtain the best performance and determine the standards and mass production. Its main research can be divided into the following aspects:
(1) Research some data of floating forged steel ball valve in a use state, including parts deformation, shrinkage, sealing performance, reliability of the actuator and so on.
(2) The overall structure of the forged valve and the processing technology of each component are optimized to meet the requirements of mass production for the quality of products.
(3) Research the anti-static setting of floating forged steel ball valve.
Prospects of floating forged steel ball valves
Under the background of the development of high-tech fields such as environmental protection and electronics and the sustainable development of the world, it has brought rapid technological changes and development to the ball valve industry. In the design, the use of computer technology to develop products (such as CAD) effectively improves the speed of the design. In the production and manufacturing, the manufacturing technology represented by the numerical control technology CAM has been deeply involved in the production of ball valves. The finite element is an important means of static analysis and dynamic analysis for control valves in the development. Research in the field of structural dynamics is very active at home and abroad, especially in some industrialized countries such as the United States and Western Europe. The research on structural dynamics was attached great importance to and it was listed as one of the key development directions in the field of structural design. In view of the deficiencies in the prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a high-pressure floating forged steel ball valve with a self-releasing sealing structure that can automatically relieve pressure and ensure the safety of the valve body. The product has good safety and use, long service life and broad market prospects.
Topper Valve is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, product design, production and sales. We have a first-class scientific research center, a design and manufacturing center, a product quality inspection center, a customer service center, good technical force, sophisticated technical equipment, and perfect modern testing instruments, forming a reliable quality assurance. Our forged valves are produced in strict accordance with international standards, and have passed the lSO9001-2000 international quality management system certification. The explosion-proof valve has obtained the explosion-proof certificate of quality supervision and inspection center for low-voltage explosion-proof electrical products in the machinery industry. Our forged valves include forged steel ball valves, forged gate valves, forged ball valves, forged globe valves, forged check valves and forged butterfly valves, 6 series and more than 500 kinds of valves of various specifications. Forged valves are designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users, which are sold well all over the country, and are favored and praised by users.
With strict quality management and excellent after-sales service, Topper Valve has won the trust of the majority of users. We will pursue continuous improvement of quality and management level, and further development of international and domestic markets, so that customers can obtain excellent products and services in a short time and at a reasonable price. We wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit us and work together to achieve great goals.


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