Nested Forged Steel Ball Valves

Nested Forged Steel Ball Valves

Aug 14, 2022

Descriptions of nested forged steel ball valves

Nominal sizes: DN15 to DN350
Nominal pressure: PN16 to PN420 (150Lbs to 2500Lbs)
Applicable temperatures: -29 to 680℃
Applicable media: acids, alkalis, oils, and special media with high viscosity, fibers and granules.
The nested forged steel ball valve complies with "The Catalog of China High-tech Products" and overcomes the limitations of traditional ball valves not being resistant to high temperatures and high pressure. It is widely used in the pipeline medium transportation of petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, light industry, food, pharmacy, textile and civil facilities at home and abroad.
Compared with similar products, the nested forged steel ball valve has the following advantages:
  • The purpose of saving raw materials, reducing machining process and assembly process is realized, and one valve can be used for multiple purposes, which expands the application range of ball valves, overcomes the defect of great opening and closing torque of traditional ball valves, and meets the performance requirements of reducing opening and closing torque.
  • The combination of hard seal and soft seal is adopted to achieve complementary advantages; it alleviates the impact that may be caused by high pressure, slows down wear, and prolongs the service life of the ball valve; the multi-channel sealing function is set, and the traditional PTFE sealing material is replaced with a composite type, that is, carbon fiber, glass fiber and flexible graphite, which effectively prevents leakages.
  • The innovative design of the sphere is a rotating shaft sphere structure, and bearings are installed at both ends of the rotating shaft, which changes the traditional sphere without rotating shaft structure.
  • Multiple sealing is adopted between valve bodies and bonnets, and between sphere and nesting, changing the traditional single sealing between valve bodies and bonnets, spheres and nesting; the ball seal of the ball valve is designed as a ball nesting structure, with a metal frame and a symmetrical elastic ring, and the two ends of the valve stem are symmetrical soft sealed or multiple sealed. Double seals or multiple seals are adopted for the vertical axis rotary opening and closing parts, changing the single sealing of traditional opening and closing parts, effectively preventing leakages.
  • Strictly organize production according to the enterprise standard of Q/ZDF 04-2007 "nested ball valves"; complete sets of technical design documents, process and fixture design documents, machining process control documents and inspection and testing guidance documents makes the forged nested ball valve overcome the limitations of high-temperature and high-pressure fire resistance, which has a wide range of applications. Various technologies have features of reliability, innovation, practicability, economy and safety, and the main technologies are at the leading domestic level. Mass production is realized; after being used by domestic and abroad users, no technical process defects have been found, and the technology is mature.
At present, more than 30 kinds of molds with nominal size DN15 to DN150 and nominal pressure PN20 to PN420 (150lbs to 2500lbs) have been produced, and put into production in small batches according to the process. There is a good review, showing that the process is mature and the technical structure is advanced.
The nested forged ball valve is widely used in pipeline medium transportation in electric power, petrochemical, oil and gas industries at home and abroad. The product overcomes the limitations of traditional ball valves that are not resistant to high temperatures and high pressure. The domestic and international market demand is great; the market potential and the market prospect are quite good.
Prospects and measures
There are more than 15,000 manufacturers in electric power, petrochemical, oil and natural gas, offshore oil, metallurgy, hydropower station, thermal power station, chemical industry, fertilizer and other industries in China, and there are more than 12,000 large-scale enterprises with annual output value of more than 100 million RMB. If each company uses 500 valves, the annual demand is more than 1.2 million sets based on the installation and use of 20% of the nested forged steel ball valves. In addition to the international market demand, the market potential is quite good.
Our forged valves are sold well all over the country and exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil, India, Mexico, Iran, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, etc. They are favored and praised by users, and the market prospect is very good.


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