An Introduction to a Forged Steel Ball Valve

An Introduction to a Forged Steel Ball Valve

Aug 03, 2021

The features and applications of a forged steel ball valve
A forged steel ball valve has features of good performance, good reliability, wide ranges of applications and reasonable prices. It can be classified into low-pressure forged steel ball valves and high-pressure forged steel ball valves. A forged steel ball valve is applied to chemical, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy and long-distance natural gas pipelines containing hydrogen sulfide, many impurities and severe corrosion.
The working principle of a forged steel ball valve
The valve stem of the forged steel ball valve is rotated to make the valve closed or opened. A full bore ball valve has an angle of 90°. It has advantages of easy opening and closing, large diameters, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance, often closed sealing surfaces and spherical surfaces, being small and not easily corroded, which makes the forged steel ball valve widely used.
The structural characteristics of a forged steel ball valve
A forged steel ball valve's body is made from forged steel materials, and sufficient strength and rigidity can be guaranteed under the maximum rated working pressure. Casting defects are not required to be corrected. The reliability of a forged steel ball valve is ensured by carefully designing and selecting the internal parts when it works under different conditions. Adopting high-impact connecting bolts for the split valve body and appropriate wall thicknesses is good for the repair and maintenance of a forged steel ball valve, which can make it bear the pipe's pressure.



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