-196℃ High-pressure Large Ultra-low Temperature Forged Trunnion Ball Valves

-196℃ High-pressure Large Ultra-low Temperature Forged Trunnion Ball Valves

Mar 30, 2022

The side entry high-pressure large-diameter ultra-low temperature forged steel trunnion ball valve has been tested by many tests to show that the product has reliable sealing performance and flexible opening and closing. It will be widely used in various low-temperature equipment, such as liquefied natural gas, petrochemical and air separation industries.
Nominal pressure: Class 600
Nominal diameter: NPS 24X20
Applicable temperatures: -196℃
Media: low-temperature media such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquefied natural gas, etc.
Drive: worm gear transmission
Connections: Flanged ends
Design standard: BS 6364-1999
Technical descriptions of -196℃ high-pressure forged trunnion ball valves
This is a split valve body of a high-pressure large-diameter ultra-low temperature forged trunnion ball valve. The structure design of the large-diameter cryogenic ball valve with fixed plates: the positioning accuracy of the ball and the valve seat is ensured. The multiple rolling-processing technology is used for the valve seat insert ring, so that the insert ring can resist low-temperature deformation at low temperatures, ensuring the sealing performance of the valve seat. The static seal adopts the combination of tenon and groove type wound gasket and lip seal, and the valve seal is reliable at low temperatures. An anti-static spring is installed at the contact position between the valve stem and the ball, so that the ball and the valve stem, the valve stem and the valve body can conduct electricity, meeting the requirements for anti static. The extended valve stem is adopted for the cryogenic ball valve stem, making the packing being away from the low-temperature medium, and ensuring that the working environment of the packing is above 0℃so as to avoid the elastic failure of the packing at low temperatures and cause leakages at the packing. The valve stem packing adopts a triple seal of lip seal and combined graphite packing and O-ring to make the valve sstem's sealing reliable. The valve seat is composed of a metal valve seat and a non-metallic valve seat. The non-metallic sealing ring is embedded in the metal sealing ring valve seat and can be pressed in by a press. The outer diameter of the valve seat ring is provided with stainless steel plus PIFE lip shaped sealing rings. The dynamic seal between the valve body and the valve seat relies on the lip ring and the lip ring and can withstand a temperature of -196℃. This structure can well solve the difficult problem of radial sealing of the valve seat at low temperatures. Also, the reverse lip seal is provided on the valve seat to make the sealing performance more stable.
The seat ring is designed with a refractory device. If the sealing ring is ablated, the ball can be in contact with the metal sealing surface of the seat ring to form a seal. The middle cavity can automatically relieve pressure when the spring-loaded floating seat is used. This design prevents abnormal pressure raising in the body cavity caused by the rapid vaporization of the low-temperature medium due to low-temperature media in the opening and closing processes of valves, ensuring the safety of the valve.
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