Why Forged Steel Ball Valve Led to Constant Innovation?

Why Forged Steel Ball Valve Led to Constant Innovation?

Jan 05, 2017

From the global economic crisis of years ago to later ease-up, and the economic upturn now, the changes of economy have resulted in the growth and development of valve industry. But why forged steel ball valve, the common valve, led to constant innovation of traditional valve industry?

Traditional manufacturers of forged steel ball valve has been in a relatively flat period through the first few years. From the perspective of the production process, compared with stainless steel ball valve, forged steel ball valve is backward in scientific. As for overseas output, the average annual output of forged steel ball valve is 300 million dollars, however, stainless steel ball valves can be as high as 500 million dollars.

Forged steel ball valves divide into low pressure and high pressure. High pressure forged ball valve is meet the need of the cracking of curing application under sulfide environment. The whole series were designed by the standard of National Association of Corrosion Engineers through layout, material selection, manufacturing, testing, surface treatment and painting. Not only select materials from a wide range but also use plated nickel 316 materials for inside parts and special polymerization materials were used for sealing ring. All of that can protect valves from corrosion and vulcanization. Its functions include fireproofing, anti-static and good sealing performance, which can be used in a wide application range and temperature. This kind of valve was equipped with both diameter and necking, match with many driving devices and refined by chemicals and petroleum.

When the stagnant media of valves’ cavity abnormal increased pressure because of temperature changes, the stress of media would push the valve seat out of cavity in order to release pressure automatically, then the valve seat would reset. It’s the ideal choice of natural gas exploitation and transportation systems.

Forged steel high pressure ball valve has occupied important leading position in the changes of future market due to high quality and wide application range. Experts predicts that within 3 to 5 years, forged steel valves would occupied 70-80 percent of market share in valve industry in 2025. New type of forged steel valve will constantly appear, even ahead of other ball valves in the output at home and abroad.

Why Forged Steel Ball Valve Led to Constant Innovation of Traditional Industrial Valves?


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