Considerations for Using Forged Steel Cryogenic Valve

Considerations for Using Forged Steel Cryogenic Valve

Jan 04, 2017

Forged steel cryogenic gate mainly used for truncating or connecting the media of various pipe projects in thermal power station. Types are forged steel cryogenic gate valve, forge the steel cryogenic ball valve, forged steel cryogenic globe valve, forged steel insulation valve, etc. Types of products’ connection: screw type and solder type. This valve applied widely for water, steam and other non-corrosive media.

1. High temperature, high pressure.
2. Unique sealing technology.
3. High stress.
4. Reliable sealing.
5. Production temperature: used under -196℃.

Considerations for using Forged Steel Cryogenic Valve
1. Overlook the problem of grease amount.
2. Overlook the problem of pressure.

Because of the differences between diesel and gasoline, you should supplement grease in time to avert wear and tear during the process of using forged steel cryogenic valve. For saving efforts, sufficient lubrication can reduce the friction resistance in operation.

Names of fittings of DZ11Y forged steel cryogenic valve:
1. Valve body    
2. Valve seat
3. Wedge disc  
4. Gasket   
5. Bonnet  
6. Bonnet screw
7. Stem   
8. Packing    
9. Straight pin   
10. Eyelet bolt   
11. Packing gland   
12. Packing plate   
13. Nut   
14. Yoke nut   
15. Lubricant gasket   
16. Nameplate   
17. Lock nut  
18. Hand wheel


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