Why Choose Forged Flanged Ball Valves?

Why Choose Forged Flanged Ball Valves?

Mar 29, 2024

Forged flange ball valves are widely preferred for manual throttling or control purposes due to their versatility and reliability. Available in various classes, these valves are suitable for controlling power, water, oil, and chemicals in diverse applications. To ensure suitability for different uses, forged flanged ball valves must adhere to the quality standards specified by ASME B16.34. Additionally, they should possess fire safety features and ensure electrical continuity, essential considerations when selecting these valves.

Product Specifications:
  • Quarter turn positive stop handle with protective sleeve.
  • Micro-Finished ball for extended service life.
  • Anti-static design.
  • Bottom loaded stem prevents stem blowout and enhances system safety.
  • High strength stem bearing provides smooth actuation and prevents galling between valve stem and body.
  • Pressure rating up to 10,000 psig (690 Bar).
  • Temperature rating up to -65°F to 450°F (-54°C to 232°C)
  • Advantages of Forged Flanged Ball Valves:
  • Forged flanged ball valves offer robustness and reliability, boasting excellent yield strength, ductility, and toughness necessary for longevity and performance. They are commonly employed in critical applications, often exposed to extreme environments and corrosive substances, demanding high-quality materials and meticulous design. Adherence to standards like ASME B16.34, BS 5351, ISO 17292, and API 6D is crucial to ensure safety and performance. Moreover, these valves undergo testing according to API 598 and ISO 5208 guidelines.
  • No Body Leakage: The absence of in-line body bolting minimizes potential leaks, especially under pipeline stresses.
  • No Seat Leakage: Designed to maintain zero bubbles for up to four minutes at 1,000 psi nitrogen during factory testing, ensuring durability in extreme conditions.
  • No Stem Seal Leakage: The integral gland wrench concentrically loads stem packing, reducing the risk of stem leaks and extending packing life.
  • Robust Design for Stem-Ball Engagement: Ensures reliable ball alignment through robust engagement between the ball and one-piece stem.
  • Unmatched Bearing Support: Provides superior support for blowout-proof stem, ensuring accurate axial alignment and zero seat leakage, even in actuated valves.
  • Robust Outer Coating: Engineered coating offers superior bonding strength and density, protecting the valve from leaks and defects, especially in high-temperature-drop applications.
  • Integral Mounting Pad: Facilitates error-free operations for air, gear, or motor operator actuation.
  • Single-Piece Design: Simplified design with fewer parts reduces susceptibility to damage, enhancing durability.
  • Tight Packing System: Offers tight concentricity, eliminating side loading of packaging and wear forces on trim components, resulting in superior performance.
  • Rapid Renewability: Modular design simplifies renewal and maintenance, reducing overall expenditure.

Forged flanged ball valves stand out for their sophisticated design, superior performance, and durability, making them ideal for industrial applications. Rigorous laboratory and field tests ensure optimal performance in extreme environments, guaranteeing reliability and safety. Choose forged flanged ball valves from YDB Valves for consistent quality and performance.


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