Rules for Maintenance of Forged Steel Gate Valves

Rules for Maintenance of Forged Steel Gate Valves

May 13, 2020

1. When the forged steel gate valve is to be stopped for using, first close the gate valve and pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.Rules for Maintenance of Forged Steel Valves
2.When the forged steel gate valve is laid up for a long time or used in cold winter season, the drain plug at the lower part of the pump shall be unscrewed to release the medium, which prevent frost cracking (In case of sewage, please clean the valve body with clean water).
3. Listen carefully to see if the running sound of the motor is abnormal. Because the machine room is noisy during operation, you can stick your ears to both ends of the motor with the aid of tools like screwdrivers or listening rods. If you listen frequently, you can not only find out the annoying vibration of the motor and its driving equipment, but also judge the amount of internal bearing oil, so as to timely make corresponding measures such as adding bearing oil or replacing the old one with new bearings to prevent the motor bearings from being blocked, rounded and burnt out due to lack of oil and dry grinding.
4. Check the forged steel gate valve pipelines and joints for looseness.
5. Try to control the flow and lift of forged steel gate valve within the range indicated on the sign to ensure that the forged steel gate valve operates at the highest efficiency point so as to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.
6. When maintaining forged steel valves, attention should also be paid to the problem of water ingress in electronic actuator and its transmission mechanism, especially in rainy season. One result of that is to rust the transmission mechanism or sleeve, and the other is to cause freezing in winter, which further lead to damage to the transmission components when the electric valve is operated, failing the electric operation as large torque make the motor no-load or over-torque protection jump off. If the transmission components are damaged, manual operation cannot be carried out. After the over-torque protection jumping off, manual operation is also unable to continue. Note that forcible operation will damage the internal alloy parts.



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