Brief Introduction about Valve Cleaning Procedure

Brief Introduction about Valve Cleaning Procedure

May 19, 2020

Valves are widely used in our daily life. This "switch", which is mostly used to control the flow of liquid, plays a vital role in the whole fluid operation. Do you know all about the cleaning work of the newly bought valve before installation?
Before and after Cleaning
Valve cleaning work is very important, which determines whether the valve can play its due role in future operation. So, what should be paid attention to in general cleaning work? First of all, we know that the valve consists of several single components before assembly so that we can process them according to our own operational needs, such as polishing or removing burrs on the surface.

Secondly, basically all parts of the valve need to undergo a degreasing process, and the cleaning work can only be performed after the entire degreasing is completed. In the cleaning process, everyone must first passivate with acidic liquid, and then rinse with clean water after purification. Remember that drug residues must not be allowed, otherwise it will easily lead to rust..
Finally, after the cleaning is finished, a non-woven cloth should be used for single wiping of each part. Be careful of the residual wool, and then wipe with alcohol to ensure that no dirt remains.



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