What are the Differences between Forged Steel Ball Valves and High Pressure Ball Valves? (Part Two)

What are the Differences between Forged Steel Ball Valves and High Pressure Ball Valves? (Part Two)

Oct 16, 2017

Note the following points in the use and maintenance of high pressure ball valves

When ball valves are closed, there still pressure fluid exits inside the valve body.

Lubricate high pressure ball valves with lubricating grease. The lubrication grease should be compatible with metal materials, rubber parts, plastic parts and working media of ball valves.

Lubricate grease on the surface of the sealing elements' installing groove, rubber sealing elements as well as the sealing surface and friction surface of the valve stem.

Disconnect power supply or air supply before maintenance.

Separate the actuator from the bracket before maintenance.

Screw down bolts on the flange symmetrically, evenly and step by step before assembling.

Non-metallic parts should be taken out from cleaning agents immediately after cleaning, and immersing for a long time is not allowed.

Assembly high pressure ball valves when cleaning agents on the wall surface that has been cleaned are volatilized (wiping the wall surface with a silk that has not been immersed by cleaning agent is available). But putting the ball valve aside for a long time is not allowed, otherwise it will be polluted by dust and rust.

New parts should also be cleaned before assembly.

When the high pressure ball valve is assembled, metal debris, fibers, grease (except prescribed ones), dust, other impurities or foreign matters should not be allowed to adhere to, stay at the surface of parts or go into the inner cavity.

Relieve pressure in the pipeline and keep the valve open before maintenance.

Cleaning agents should be compatible with rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working media such as the fuel gas of ball valves. When working media are the fuel gas, you can clean metal parts with gasoline GB484-89. Non-metallic parts can be cleaned with pure water or alcohol.

Separated parts can be cleaned by immersing. Non-metallic parts not separated from metal parts can be cleaned by a clean silk that is immersed by cleaning agent. Remove all the grease, fouling, gum deposits, dust, etc. in the cleaning process.

Make sure the pressure of upstream and downstream pipelines of ball valves has been relieved, and then disassemble it.

When disassembling and reassembling the high pressure ball valve, it must be noticed that the high pressure ball valve may damage the sealing surface of parts, especially non-metallic parts. Use special tools when you are taking out O-rings. 


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