The Importance of Forging

The Importance of Forging

Jul 16, 2020

Forging production is one of the main processing methods to provide mechanical parts workblank in mechanical manufacturing industry. By forging, not only the shape of mechanical parts can be obtained, but also the internal structure of metal can be improved, and the mechanical and physical properties of metal can be improved. Generally, forging production methods are used to manufacture important mechanical parts with high stress and high requirements. For example, important parts such as shaft, rotor, impeller, blade, guard ring, column of large hydraulic press, high-pressure cylinder, roller of rolling mill, crankshaft of internal combustion engine, connecting rod, gear, bearing and artillery in national defense industry are all produced by forging.

Therefore, forging production is widely used in metallurgy, mining, automobile, tractor, harvesting machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industrial sectors. Even in daily life, forging production also has an important position. In a sense, the annual output of forgings, the proportion of die forgings in the total output of forgings, and the size and possession of forging equipment reflect a country's industrial level.
The Importance of Forging



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