Risky Factors and Main Reasons of Forging Production

Risky Factors and Main Reasons of Forging Production

Aug 27, 2020

Different forging methods have different processes, among which the process of hot die forging is the longest. The general order is: blanking of forging billet; heating the forging blank; roll forging blank preparation; die forging forming; trimming; punching holes; correction; Intermediate inspection, inspection of forging size and surface defects; heat treatment of forgings to eliminate forging stress and improve metal cutting performance; cleaning, mainly to remove surface scale; correction; inspection: general forgings shall be inspected for appearance and hardness, while important forgings shall be inspected for chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties, residual stress and nondestructive testing.

In forging production, trauma accidents that are easy to occur can be divided into three types according to their causes: mechanical injuries—scratches and bumps, scald, electrical contact injury directly caused by tools or workpieces.

Causes of industrial accidents in forging workshop:
(1) Lack of protective and safety devices in areas needed protection;
(2) The protective devices on the equipment are not complete or unused;
(3) The production equipment itself has defects or faults;
(4) Equipment or tools are damaged and working conditions are inappropriate;
(5) There is something wrong with the forging die and anvil;
(6) Chaos in the organization and management of the workplace;
(7) Inappropriate process operating methods and auxiliary repair work;
(8) There is something wrong with personal protective equipment such as protective glasses; work clothes and work shoes do not meet the working conditions;
(9) Workers are not coordinated with each other when cooperated on one operation;
(10) Lack of technical education and safety knowledge, resulting in incorrect steps and methods.



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