Low-pressure Integrated Flange Forged Lift Check Valves

Low-pressure Integrated Flange Forged Lift Check Valves

Feb 10, 2022

After conducting independent innovation research on the low-pressure integrated flange forged steel lift check valve and a lot of market research, well communicating with users, collecting users' technical requirements for such products, and understanding the technical performance and quality of imported products, it is found that once failures occur for this series of valves when they are in use, such as leakages, breaking of the valve, resulting in economic losses and personnel safety being greatly threatened. Aiming at the defects of existing products, the following aspects are researched through a lot of tests and analysis after looking up the latest advanced literature at home and abroad:
1. Designing flat sealing
The two contact surfaces of the valve seal are planes, that is, the contact surface between the upper valve disc and the lower valve seat are planes.

2. Designing connections between the valve body and valve bonnet
The valve body and the bonnet of this kind of design are connected with bolts, and are sealed by the spiral wound gasket, which is convenient for maintenance.

3. Research on the inclined hole of the valve body
The valve body's drilling inclined hole is processed by special equipment, which is beneficial to improving the quality of the product. The dedicated machine has little adaptability. If the product has different specifications, the equipment needs to be readjusted. Adjusting equipment is labor-intensive and time-consuming. We need to design a fixture for the oblique hole drilling of the globe valve for processing.

4. Designing nameplate slots
Since the original nameplate is placed on the boss of the bonnet plate, fixed by rivets and easy to fall off, the bonnet plate is designed with a groove in the middle to facilitate the placement of the nameplate to solve this problem. Before placing the nameplate, turn the groove to facilitate the insertion of the nameplate. After placing the nameplate, fix its four corners with a chisel to ensure the firmness of the nameplate.
Innovations in the low-pressure integrated flange forged lift check valve
(1) The two contact surfaces of the valve seal are designed to be flat, that is, the contact surface between the upper valve disc and the lower valve seat is flat to improve the sealing performance. The valve disc and spring are installed inside the valve body, and the body cover is sealed by wound gaskets. There is no leakage point for the whole valve, thus eliminating the possibility of  leakage of the valve and ensuring safety.
(2) The nameplate groove is set on the cover plate, instead of fixing by rivets. It is convenient to place the nameplate. The overall appearance is beautiful and the nameplate is not easy to fall off.
(3) We independently designed a new type of oblique hole drilling machine for globe valves. The adjustable positioning structure of the positioning fixture can achieve the purpose of precise positioning of the position and angle of the inclined hole of the valve body, and a unified drilling standard is formed to improve production efficiency and accuracy of the valve body. The positioning and processing of valve bodies with different specifications can be realized by adjusting the position of the fixture positioning bolts, and the operation and use range of the whole machine can be improved.
Topper Forged Valve Company was established in 1988. It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating scientific research, development, processing, production and sales of valves. It is a professional manufacturer of forged steel valves. The business philosophy of the company is "Honest and Innovation". Our mature technology and advanced management experience have made us develop rapidly in the valve industry at home and abroad, and our forged valves are well praised by our customers from the United States, Canada, South Korea, the European Union, the Middle East, Brazil and other foreign countries.
We can produce forged valves according to API, ANSI, BS, JIS or customers' requirements. The nominal pressure of the forged valve is 150 to 4500; the nominal diameter is 1/4 inch to 4 inches, and the current production capacity is 500,000 sets. With the development concept of science and technology as the driving force, quality for survival, and reputation for development, the company continuously strengthens management, strives to expand the market, and achieves production and sales for 3 consecutive years.


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