How to Improve the Quality of Forged Valves?

How to Improve the Quality of Forged Valves?

Jun 23, 2020

At present, China's valve forging industry has poor production skills and equipment; Independent innovation ability is relatively weak; The quality level of many valve castings is not good enough. Problems like serious environmental pollution, high consumption of energy and materials, have long hampered the development of China's valve forging industry. Therefore, China is still far from the goal of becoming a strong forging country.
It is understood that due to a series of restrictions such as poor production skills and equipment, China's valve forging industry has not been able to fully produce some key castings urgently needed by various industries in the country, especially some high-temperature castings with high difficulty and high requirements. To change the current situation, we must do the following:

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1. The restructuring and structural adjustment of forging enterprises must be reinforced, specialized production must be developed, the scale of preponderant enterprises must be further expanded, and the technology and equipment level of enterprises must be improved.
2. It is necessary to increase investment in science and technology, establish research and development centers of enterprises and implement a research and development system combining production, study and research to promote independent innovation;
3. Environmental protection and labor security must be treated as a major issue and paid close attention to. Energy consumption and raw material consumption must be greatly reduced.
4. We must further cultivate professional talents in forging, strengthen the skill training of staff and workers, and improve the skills and labor quality of all professional staff and workers.
Although we have been able to obtain such information, these restrictive conditions are often difficult to handle and complete within a short period of time by individual enterprises through the talents of some people. In order to realize the grand goal of becoming a powerful forging nation, we must make concerted efforts, improve the environment of forging industry in a big way through national control, transform the structural relationships between forging enterprises through social forces, and train a group of talented and skilled personnel to increase skill research and development. Good communication and cooperation must be established between valve enterprises and forging enterprises, so that the difficulties encountered by individual enterprises can be coped with in forging industry. Thus the bottleneck existing in the forging industry can be divided and borne by all enterprises.



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