Forged Valves Have Fewer Disadvantages

Forged Valves Have Fewer Disadvantages

Jun 01, 2020

No matter what kind of valve, its research and manufacturing process cannot be smooth sailing. Moreover, in the finished valve products, even the one with no defects in the manufacturing process and craft, it is inevitable that there will be some drawbacks. These shortcomings do not mean that there are quality problems, but that they may be insufficient in one aspect. Forging is a manufacturing method for metal appliances that has existed for a long time in our country, and valve is a kind of mechanical product that appeared only in modern times. Combining forging method with valve products, forging valve is a valve product, similar to other forged mechanical products. Forging valve is manufactured by forging method, which is different from casting valve. The advantage of forging valve is its higher strength, and the disadvantage is that its mass manufacturing efficiency is often inferior to casting. Compared with other valves, forged valves actually have fewer disadvantages.
Forged Steel Swing Check Valve

Reasons for that as follows:
First of all, because the forged valve is manufactured by forging, the impurities in the forged valve will be less than that of the cast valve, which will make the quality of the forged valve superior to other valves in strength, smoothness and other aspects. However, as the forged valve is manufactured by forging method, it also makes the forged valve inferior to the cast valve in terms of output and production efficiency, so it can be seen at present that the price of forged valve products on the market is often slightly higher than that of cast valves. No matter what product has its advantages, it is inevitable to have disadvantages at the same time. How to avoid the disadvantages and give full play to the advantages has become a problem that users and enterprises need to consider together. The disadvantages and advantages of forged valves are very obvious, but their disadvantages are not enough to be a hindrance to their use. Therefore, in most places where forged valves are needed, users will not hesitate to use this kind of valve products, even if the price is too high due to its low output. Of course, compared with forged valves, cast valves are used more widely simply because they are easier to manufacture in batches.



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