Forged Gate Valves

Forged Gate Valves

Apr 27, 2023

Forged valves
A forged valve is an essential part in many industrial applications, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation. These valves are manufactured using a forging process that involves shaping metal under high pressure and temperature to create a strong and durable product. Forged valves are valves such as forged check valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valve, needle valves, diaphragm valves, etc. One of the key benefits of forged valves is their superior strength compared to valves made by other processes. The forging process creates a dense grain structure that results in higher mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, and impact resistance. This makes forged valves ideal for use in high-pressure applications where safety is paramount. Another advantage of forged valves is their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. Forged materials have excellent resistance to corrosion, erosion, and wear due to their uniform microstructure. In conclusion, forged valves are an important component in various industries due to their durability, strength, and ability to withstand harsh conditions. They offer long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements, making them a reliable choice for critical applications.
Forged gate valves
What is the reason for the rough surface of forged steel gate valves?

The surface roughness belongs to the microscopic geometric shape error. The smaller the surface roughness is, the smoother the surface becomes. The size of the surface roughness has a great influence on the performance of mechanical parts. The surface roughness of forged steel gate valve has a great influence on the use of parts. Generally speaking, if the surface roughness value is small, it will improve the quality of matching, reduce wear and prolong the service life of parts, but the processing cost of parts will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the surface roughness value correctly and reasonably. When designing a part, the choice of the surface roughness value is determined according to the function of the part in the machine. The surface roughness value of forged steel gate valve is very small.
The main reasons for surface roughness of forged steel gate valves are as follows:
1) Tool marks during processing
2) Plastic deformation during cutting and separation
3) The friction between the tool and the machined surface
4) High-frequency vibration of the process system
Measurement of surface roughness of forged steel gate valves
The method of comparing the measured surface with a roughness sample marked with a certain value can determine the value of the measured surface roughness. When Ra is greater than 1.6μm, you can observe by the naked eye. Use a magnifying glass when Ra is between 1.6 and 0.4. Use a microscope when Ra is greater than 0.4μm. Please note that when comparing, the processing method, processing texture, processing direction and material of the sample are required to be the same as the surface of the tested part. The measurement of surface roughness-comparison is easy, and it is used for on-site measurement in the workshop, which is often used for the measurement of medium or rough surfaces.
Topper Forged Valve specializes in manufacturing forged steel ball valves, forged steel gate valves, and forged steel globe valves, etc. Our forged valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, military, paper, and engineering supporting industries. Forged steel valves made by Topper are produced in accordance with international standards API, ANSI, JIS, ISO and BS.


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