Benefits of Forged Steel Ball Valves for Natural Gas Pipelines

Benefits of Forged Steel Ball Valves for Natural Gas Pipelines

May 10, 2024

The forged steel ball valve operates by rotating the valve stem to either open or close the valve, ensuring smooth flow control. Its compact size, versatility, and robust sealing make it a preferred choice across industries. With a simple yet reliable design, maintenance is hassle-free. Its sealed and spherical surfaces, often closed, resist erosion, ensuring prolonged use in diverse industrial applications. This article will introduce the reasons for selecting forged steel ball valves for natural gas pipelines.

Reasons for Choosing Forged Steel Ball Valves:

01 Carefully Selected Internal Material:

The forged steel ball valve meticulously selects internal materials, adhering to the standards outlined in the American standard ASME B16.34. This ensures optimal wall thickness of the valve body and bolt connection strength, corresponding to the required pressure levels. The result is a valve body with reliable strength and secure joints.

02 Enhanced Performance with Fixed Ball Structure:

By utilizing a fixed ball structure alongside a floating valve seat, these valves demonstrate exceptional performance in reducing torque even when subjected to operational pressure. This innovative design, in conjunction with a meticulously crafted high-strength and finely polished valve stem, significantly diminishes the friction coefficient, ensuring smooth and efficient operation over extended periods.

03 Enhanced Seal with Polymer Material:

The forged steel ball valve incorporates a polymer material for the valve seat seal, complemented by a spring-loaded sealing seat. This innovative combination ensures exceptional sealing performance across a wide spectrum of temperature and pressure fluctuations. Whether facing varying environmental conditions or dynamic operational demands, these valves consistently deliver reliable sealing integrity.

04 Versatile Application in Diverse Environments:

With its robust forged steel structure, the forged steel ball valve is tailor-made for a multitude of working conditions. From gas and purified natural gas to sour natural gas, water, coal slurry, and oil, these valves excel in diverse environments. They are equally adept in pipelines across industries such as petroleum, chemical, and thermal power plants, offering reliable performance across a broad range of pressure ratings from Class150 to Class1500 and operating temperatures spanning from -28 to 300 ℃. Whether the need is to cut off or connect the medium, these valves provide dependable functionality and durability.

05 Diverse Material Options for Pipeline Forged Steel Ball Valves:

When it comes to pipeline applications, forged steel ball valves offer a plethora of material choices, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of operating conditions. With comprehensive specifications and pressure ratings, these valves are available in both full-bore and reduced-bore configurations, catering to various flow requirements. As indispensable components in pipelines handling oil, natural gas, and chemical raw materials, these versatile valves play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable fluid transportation. Their widespread use underscores their reputation as the go-to valves for demanding pipeline applications across industries.

In summary, forged steel ball valves epitomize reliability, versatility, and efficiency in fluid control across industries. Their meticulously crafted internal materials ensure robustness and secure joints, while innovative design features like fixed ball structures and polymer seals enhance performance and sealing integrity. With a broad range of applications in diverse environments, including pipelines for oil, natural gas, and chemical raw materials, these valves offer unparalleled functionality and durability.


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